A number of years ago around New Year time I returned residence from a purchasing trip, on car parking my cars and truck in the garage I observed a little damage as well as scrape on the travelers side door.

As the vehicle was relatively new it made the damage stand apart – after a lot of thought I chose to embarked on the fixing myself – for two reasons, to start with at the time of the car damage I had actually just relocated to Byfleet, Surrey and really did not know any individual that could recommend a cars and truck body repair shop in Byfleet, likewise Byfleet is a tiny village community, which is practically bordered by two rivers – the river wey as well as the river mole.

Throughout my journeys around the village it was uncommon to see a vehicle repair service garage let alone a cars and truck body service center. Secondly I really did not feel it was required to have the job embarked on by a vehicle body repair shop as the damage was small.

After purchasing the body filler, sandpaper, primer paint as well as matching coating colour paint – I got splitting at work, and what a task it was! Child do you need perseverance for this sort of work, as its continuous rubbing down and after that re-filling with the body filler till its all extremely smooth and also great certainly.

It took a lot longer than I though, to long as a matter of fact! However I did complete the task and the paint surface came out excellent – I was pleased with myself!

Till about 4 months later – I started to see corrosion spots showing!

I began asking about in the local town stores of Byfleet if anybody understood of an excellent Auto Body Repair Shop in the area – this became hard. As one very long time resident informed me that fifty years ago byfleet was a simply a tiny country town, with hardly any stores or garages, those were the days when residents grew there very own food, or as in his case made use of to own an area near by, which he grew and also harvested food in season and delivered to the local green-grocers. Yet that had actually all changed with the development of the huge extremely markets as well as office blocks and more housing – however in all that time not many automobile body repair shops!

Ultimately I handled to locate an excellent Car Body Repair Shop which turned out to be near to my home, yet I would have never discovered it up until the person who very suggested it explained exactly how to discover it. After an extensive conversation with the owner I learned why the rust spots showed up! There is a great deal even more to this kind of work than most individuals believe.

Without reaching technical and also explaining all the specialized treatments for this kind of work I’ll sum up by claiming – primarily these types of body shops have the very latest techniques as well as employ only the highest trained specialists, guaranteeing an excellent quality service every single time.

I ought to referred to as this Auto Body Repair garage in byfleet re-did the job that I executed formerly as well as did an excellent work – it looks like new which seeks one year on! Why I bothered in the first place I don’t recognize, yet something for certain I will not be trying any more cars and truck body fixings in the future that’s for sure!

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Lena S. O'Reilly