The Spiritual Science Study Foundation (SSRF) specifies that what is experienced by the 5 senses, mind, and intellect is an ‘experience’ while experiencing something which is past the comprehension of the five detects, mind, and also intellect comprises a ‘spiritual experience’.

Even if one can regard an event with the 5 senses, mind, and intelligence however the factor behind it is beyond the gross intellect of the human race, it still makes up a spiritual experience.

1. Spiritual experiences associated with the five Outright cosmic elements

Progress in our spiritual technique triggers our intuition and also we begin to obtain experience of the Outright planetary components progressively, starting from one of the most gross to the most subtle, i.e. Absolute Planet, Water, Fire, Air as well as Ether aspects with our subtle feeling of odor, taste, vision, touch and also sound specific.

2. Spiritual experience and also spiritual level

With a greater spiritual level, we get higher and much more subtle spiritual experiences.
A specific spiritual experience might or might not suggest a specific spiritual degree but may also occur due to extreme spiritual practice, being in the company of Saints, etc.
Often ghosts (satanic forces, devils, spirits, and so on) can develop illusionary spiritual experiences in a specific in order to terrify him/her. Such a subtle experience takes place without the rise in the spiritual level of the targeted person.
All individuals at a certain spiritual degree will not always perceive the same spiritual experiences. The spiritual level of a person is the internet feature of many features, 6th feeling being only one of them.
A person might obtain Sainthood (i.e. the 70% spiritual degree) without when having perceived through the 5 refined detects. Among the factors could be that he or she has currently had these experiences in the past life and does not require them currently.

3. What is the importance of spiritual experiences?
3.1. Generation of ideas and also confidence in the theoretical facet of Spiritual science

When one undertakes a suitable spiritual method based on the basic concepts of Spiritual scientific research, one makes spiritual progression and also obtains spiritual experiences. The spiritual method bridges the gap between academic understanding obtained from publications and mentally experiencing it which allows one to develop belief in the academic understanding.

3.2. Awareness of spiritual development

Spiritual experiences verify that applicants have actually adopted the proper spiritual practice. Obtaining considerably higher spiritual experiences validate spiritual development. Spiritual experiences act like turning points as well as urge us on our spiritual journey. Suppose we were to discontinue our spiritual practice, we may not continue to obtain spiritual experiences. If we were to go stale in the spiritual practice, we will certainly not get greater spiritual experiences. By torpidity in spiritual technique, we imply doing the very same spiritual practice time after time, without boosting it qualitatively or quantitatively. This is God’s method of telling us that we have to augment our spiritual practice even more.

3.3. Reduction of vanity by exciting the greatness of God

A decrease in vanity is a main requisite for spiritual development. The narratives of the spiritual experiences of the co-seekers in range, as well as deepness, make us become aware of how unimportant one is, as contrasted to God who provides each one of people one-of-a-kind spiritual experiences to generate confidence. As a result, one’s ego about one’s very own capacities gets lowered when compared to God’s capacity from this reference.

4. Why is it that in some cases we do not get spiritual experiences in spite of spiritual methods?

Spiritual experiences are signs of our spiritual progression. Nevertheless, our spiritual progress may not begin as quickly as we begin the spiritual technique. The factor for this is that our spiritual practice may be used to minimize the intensity of our severe destiny (i.e. destiny that results in the experience of unhappiness) as opposed to entirely for spiritual development. Therefore, spiritual progression does not occur initially and therefore we do not get spiritual experiences. Nevertheless, the relentless spiritual technique allows us to conquer this initial phase.

To create faith in God or when our confidence starts to fluctuate, to fortify it God presents spiritual experiences. If our faith is solid after that we may not require spiritual experiences.

Lena S. O'Reilly